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Chief Operations Officer


Lord Bradford Leland Pederson (Of The Principality of Sealand) was born and raised on a beautifully manicured farm between the bustling streets of Hazlet SK and the Metropolitan skyline of Cabri SK. He spent much of his early years learning how to pronounce words such as: “antidisestablishmentarianism”, dreaming of global domination and riding bikes with his friends during the summer at his Grandmother’s house; this is where he would first meet future Prehistoric Productions Creative Director, Francois de Nysschen.


At the ripe age of 15 Brad “embarked” (was forced) on a journey to Regina SK, where he lived in and attending Luther College High School. This is where he would meet Prehistoric Productions founder and C.E.O Andrew Sorsdahl. After spending several years in the dorms at Luther together, the two began to plot of… yet again… Global Domination.


Upon leaving Luther, Brad and Andrew said their goodbyes and parted ways (As Andrew returned to his home in Ontario). At this point Brad began studying Political Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. After day one it became painfully obvious that academia was not Brad’s calling and he slugged through the next several years until his eventual convocation (and there was much rejoicing “Yaay”). After working on a few projects together with Andrew and Francois, Brad joined the Prehistoric Productions team in October of 2013.

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