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At Prehistoric Productions, we understand that every brand has unique needs which may not fit into a “cookie cutter” format. We pride ourselves on our ability to find creative solutions to your content needs. If the services below don’t fit the vision you have for your brand, we would love to work with you to create something that does. 


Business Profile


We turn the key information on your website into a video; a general overview of the business (anywhere from 2-5 mins). 


Promotional Video 


A video that describes a specific aspect of your business (products, services, mission, etc.) to clients and potential customers.


Video Advertisement


A scripted video that shines a spotlight on a product or service you offer (roughly 30 secs - 2 mins).


Product Showcase 


A short video highlighting the features of a product.


Testimonial Videos


Video interviews with satisfied customers; more captivating than a written review! 


Event Videography 


By having a professional crew film your event, the people who attended will have a record of the great time they had and those who were unable to attend will feel like they haven’t missed a beat! 




Quality photos for your website and/or social media (headshots, location, products, etc). 


Pre-Roll Advertisement 


A very short (7 to 30 second) and simple advertisement that plays before the content a website user has selected. Pre-roll ads are the most common form of video advertisement. There are also mid-roll and post-roll ads. 





We have extensive experience working with musicians to create stunning video content, working in a plethora of styles, and with a wide variety of musical genres. In addition to beautiful live action video, we are more than capable of CGI and effects work, 3D text and motion graphics, as well as our own unique style of animation. Our team’s versatile skill set allows us to produce a superior product for a reasonable cost, without compromising on quality of concept. 


Music Video 


A story/concept that visually represents/accompanies your song.


Live Performance Video


Multi camera video of your set, recorded and professionally mixed. 


Lyric Video 


A visualization of the lyrics for your song, using animated text, graphics, and/or animation. 


Band Promotional Video


Perfect for cover/tribute bands! Interviews mixed with footage of your band preforming, set to one of your tracks. 


Crowd Funding Campaign Video


A video that explains to your backers the history of your band, what the campaign will fund, rewards, etc. 



Quality photos for your website and/or social media (headshots, live performance, merchandise, etc). 


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