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Creative Director


Francois deNysschen was born in a small town called Ellisras, South Africa, about 4 hours north of Johannesburg. At age three due to political upheaval and the nature of his father’s work he was briskly removed from one of the hottest places in the world and thrown into one of the coldest. His new home; a small town of no more than 500 people called Cabri located in the heart of South-West Saskatchewan. It was there that he would meet his future business partner and Chief Operations Officer, Bradford Pederson.


Throughout most of his primary schooling he wanted nothing more than to become a paleontologist. A quick visit to a career counseling website to check out yearly salaries however, and these dreams were diced. He was able to quickly bounce back however, due to his absolute love of a certain fantasy trilogy of films directed by the great Peter Jackson (ehehem, The Lord of the Rings). He became obsessed with the behind the scenes, and the “making of” these pictures and although he knew that no one would pay him to watch them (much to his dismay) he could perhaps be paid to make them.


Thus began his journey into the exciting and fulfilling world of film-making. He attended Vancouver Film School for two years where he earned a diploma in Film Production as well as one in Visual Art and Design. It was during one of his week-long breaks from VFS that he would find himself collaborating with his childhood friend Brad and Brad’s good friend Andrew on a video project. His soul was sold to Prehistoric Productions in the Fall of 2013 and the rest as they say is history… and future. I mean we’ve only just begun after all. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

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