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Justin LaBrash - Summertime Kinda Love


Official Music Video // Justin LaBrash - Summertime Kinda Love

Lead Actors: Justin LaBrash - Male Lead, Amy Hameluck - Female Lead

Bonfire Band: Justin LaBrash - Guitar, Carter Kent - Drummer, Parker Nabis - Guitar

Party Crowd: Amy McDade, Julie Jennings, Sarah Hameluck, Annaliese Beck-McKenzie, Thomas Guraluk, Adam Van Buekenhout

Makeup: Makeup By Charity

Directors: Francois DeNysschen, Brad Pederson, Andrew Sorsdahl

Video production by: Prehistoric Productions Inc.

Song Produced by: Bart McKay

Huge thank you to Nelson GM for providing support with the sweet ride! See them for all your vehicle needs!

Twitter - @LabrashJustin

Instagram - @justinlabrash

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